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I started reading tarot in 2014, but it felt like a natural extension to my work with poems and dream interpretation. I grew up in a culture that honors this nebulous realm, from the ancestral reverence to the prayers to the candles to the tasseography of the coffee grounds before and after you press your thumb with intent into the cup - writing your life alongside the universe. Your influence as active as the divine's. My tarot readings approach your questions in the present tense, with discussion of patterns, their reflections, and what questions to keep in mind as you keep moving. divination is clearest in motion. It's about what you decide to do with the information. i hope my tarot readings empower you to trust your own intuition as much as you've honored mine with your trust.
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$20 for 30 minutes

$40 for an hour

$50 for handwritten letter

i can't do refunds, but i'm available for any follow-up questions or to pull additional clarifying cards.  

via facetime, google

hangout, or zoom

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